About SweBend

SweBend is a company specialized in bending and forming technology located in Hässleholm in the very south of Sweden. Our team of dedicated and experienced engineers and mechanics offers the best possible solutions when it comes to section, plate & tube bending, CNC systems, flights, augers & spiralling machines and rolls & tooling. Together we have a solid foundation of experience and know-how of what it takes to design, manufacture and install machines that will be a cornerstone in Your production.
We believe in strong and lasting commitments with our customers, representatives, agents and co-operation partners around the world.

For us, all contacts are treated the way they should be, i.e. promptly and with maximum attention.

You will always be our most valued asset!

Welcome to SweBend!



SweBend Founder Peter Nilsson

I started my career as electronic engineer at Roundo in 1987, and worked my way through all the different segments, including hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical design. In 2001 I was appointed Technical Director and in 2006 I finally became the Managing Director of Roundo.

I´m proud to say that I had the best teacher possible when it comes to bending technology, Mr Göran Kajrup, founder and original owner of Roundo.

Roundo has been known as the Worlds leading producer of Bending Machines since late 60s. Mr Kajrup was a man 100% dedicated to bending machines until his sudden pass-away in 2007.

In April 2013 I started my own company SweBend (Sweden Bending), together with a dedicated team of well experienced colleagues.

Our target is to become your preferred alternative when it comes to bending machines; new, old or overhauled.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.