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An Introduction to Metal forming and Bending 

3D Pipe Rolling – SB3H-75 CNC

Continuous Push & Turn Bending system w. SB3-85S

New Spiralling Machine – SB3X-105

Revolutionizing Roller Coaster Production

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  • Flights, augers & spiralling
  • Forming machines
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  • Section Bending
  • Seven CNC system
Section Bending

3D Pipe Rolling – SB3H-75 CNC

Bend and roll Pipes in 3D with Continuous Radii changes, finished in one pass. Faster production speed demand Fewer...
Section Bending

Continuous Push & Turn Bending system w. SB3-85S

Create Smooth Bends in 3D with our Continuous Push & Turn Bending system. Turn the piece simultaneously as it...
Flights, augers & spiralling

New Spiralling Machine – SB3X-105

Bend square iron or flat iron to spirals in no time and easier than ever. Our power boosted SB3-105...
Section Bending

Revolutionizing Roller Coaster Production

The SB3S-240 bends twelve meter long pipes and reduce the completion time from more than one day to less...
Flights, augers & spiralling

SB3-360S – The LEGO version

Section Bending

SB3-360S delivered to Van Rijsoort in the Netherlands



An Introduction to Metal forming and Bending 

Bending and Forming Metal – A How-To Series  Forming of materials is all around us. In your surroundings, materials...

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