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Automated Plate Roll - Sheet Metal Bender for Truck Production

SweBend is a proud manufacturer of high-precision bending machines, powerful and easy to use for any job. Our clients are the most satisfied bending machine owners and, thanks to this sheet metal bender for truck production, our trucking clients feel the same way. 

The PB4-6-7 with SEVEN Gold CNC is a 4 roll plate bending machine developed by our in-house team. The automated plate roll produces aluminium fuel tanks for trucks. It is an extension of our bending expertise merged with input from the world’s leading bending companies to help conquer all of their challenges. It’s a useful tool that fits seamlessly as the fourth industrial revolution continues to transform the industry. Here’s a look at why the PB4-6-7 with SEVEN Gold CNC for bending is more than capable of doing the job you need to get done. 

What is this CNC Plate Bending Machine?

CNC Plate Bending Machine

The PB4-6-7 with SEVEN Gold CNC improves production quality  thanks to its increased simplicity, a necessary trait considering the increased material demands and tighter tolerances that exist. New exacting requirements shouldn’t halt your creativity and production levels. As a bending machine manufacturer, we are adamant in ensuring that clients have leeway for the innovation they need. 

Our top-quality 4 roll plate bending machines are the perfect choice for clients who need to do repetitive series production. It comes with a double pinch bending mechanism that allows you to get the best results possible with just one pass, leading to less time spent on production. Its bending precision gives it the full capabilities to mass-produce radii transitions as well as various complex shapes. It’s an adaptable bending machine that heads our all-encompassing line of plate roll bending machines that are ready to handle the biggest, most demanding tasks. 

How does the Bending Machine CNC Work?

Bending Machine CNC Work

This CNC plate bending machine uses an entirely automatic process, with the machine being integrated into the clients automated production line. 

A factory network notifies the CNC plate bending machine about the plate type for the project at hand. From there, the bending machine switches programs by itself before bending. Then, it sends the plate onward into the production line. The bending process does not require the involvement of an operator. See below how self-reliant and simple the machine operates:


When the 4 roll sheet metal bending machine is told what material needs to be bent, it adjusts the plate infeed system. The correct suction cups are activated based on the plate size. It’s a strong all-around machine that’s perfect for 24/7 production. The plates in the video are ⅛ inch and are easily handled by the machine. 

How the CNC For Bending Works for Trucks

This machine produces sturdy aluminium fuel tanks for trucks. This kind of production comes in handy for several truck companies, including one client with whom we make these fuel tanks for their wide range of trucks. These trucks include Mercedes-Benz trucks, Freightliner trucks, and FUSO trucks, among others. Their trucks which are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies demand light weight, good looking fuel tanks. The client chose SweBend to introduce a bending machine that fits effortlessly with their advanced production technology. Their goal was to replace their old bending machine, a Roundo machine, with a sheet metal bender that’s modern and projected for the coming years and decades. 


The surface is super sensitive , the rolls of this CNC plate bending machine are adapted so that they don’t make any scratches or marks. Every plate bending project is clean and fluid, optimizing the production process. 

The Power of CNC for Bending 

Our virtually limitless SEVEN CNC System is powered by a Intelligent Algorithm System. Its emphasis is on precision bending and simplification, creating anything with powerful applications, minimizing downtime with online support, and optimizing every production aspect. Many CNC systems on the market today don’t have adequate applications and features necessary to compete during the Fourth Industrial Revolution era. SweBend’s SEVEN CNC System fills in where competing CNC systems cannot. 

The CNC system leverages stepless variable speed controls and  the industry’s most accurate roll parallelism capability, using several sensors to simplify the production process and offer you the most precise bends on the market. Additionally, SweBend has developed a powerful and fully capable wireless Bluetooth unit that controls up to five axes, plus a handful of auxiliary functions. The bending machines from SweBend represents this game-changing technology, enhancing our reputation as a leading bending machine manufacturer in the industry.  

What are the Biggest Advantages of the CNC Plate Bending Machine?

The PB4-6-7- with SEVEN Gold CNC is a 4 roll plate bending machine that uses advanced engineering techniques to execute plate bending projects timely, doing more work with less input. SweBend ensures the highest pre-bending power possible with this CNC plate bending machine. It also has the highest drive torque compared to similarly-sized machines on the open market. 

With the many strengths and facets of this plate roll, it’s another addition to comprehensively upgrade the old bending machine types that linger throughout the industry with their obsolete controls. It’s an innovation driver, ensures machine longevity, and provides the best return on investment for your production. Plate bending has never been easier. 

Get your quote from SweBend at your earliest convenience and capitalize on the benefits that the PB4-6-7 with SEVEN Gold CNC offers. Also, check out our brochures for more details on this revolutionizing technology and contact us for more information.

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