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Through the years, SweBend has developed and refined different features and upgrades to make our machines as energy efficient as possible, and we continuously strive to lead a positive environmental direction within the industry.

Automated Plate Roll – Sheet Metal Bender for Truck Production

Automated Plate Roll - Sheet Metal Bender for Truck Production

Automated Plate Roll – Sheet Metal Bender for Truck Production SweBend is a proud manufacturer of high-precision bending machines, powerful and easy to use for any job. Our clients are the most satisfied bending machine owners and, thanks to this sheet metal bender for truck production, our trucking clients feel the same way.  The PB4-6-7 […]

Special – Reinforced Plate Roll

SweBen Reinforced Plateroll

This CNC Plate Bending Roll was specially designed for a customer that needed to roll a wide range of material to a very tight radius. The top roll and the side bending rolls have added reinforcements to help support the extra forces.

Video: Fanmade Sheet Metal Bender (Plate roll)


Fanmade Sheet Metal Bender (Plate roll) A SweBend fan contacted us and wanted to learn more about a creating a Sheet Metal Bender (Plate Roll) for his next build. Check out how the creator behind Meanwhile in the Garage visited SweBend at 05:08 in his latest video! We’re impressed by this fine Plate roll inspired by SweBend! […]

The Strongest Plate Roll to date

Plate Roll Bending Machine by SweBend PB3 36

A 3 roll plate bending machine, controlled by our Bluetooth Control. 1700 ton in prebending force w. a rolling capacity of 4050x105mm (160×4″).

Plate Roll PB3-22S


SweBend Highlighted Projects The Massive Plate Roll – PB3-22S –       What will be made with the rolled plates of this machine? Steel plates (standard + Special steel) for ships –       Was there a challenging aspect with designing and developing this bending machine? The requirement for 8 meter wide plates is a quite a challenge in […]

Plate Straightener by Swebend

SweBend Highlighted Projects Swebend Creates Bespoke Horizontal Plate Straightener for Kaukora Oy of Finland Here at Swebend, we’re uniquely positioned to be able to create plate bending machines for up to 100mm thick plates with virtually any length. We work with our customers on bespoke machine creation depending to any requirements. Take a look at this […]