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The importance of sustainability and long-term perspective

At SweBend we know the importance of sustainability and long-term perspective in a successful business. Why replace a working machine when we can upgrade and improve your existing equipment to match your new demands and requirements?

This older profile bending machine type R-72-S from Roundo AB, where we upgraded the old CNC control to our powerful SweBend SEVEN CNC, is a perfect example of this. The upgrade was ordered by Meister Stahlbau AG in Wittenbach, Switzerland. www.meister-stahlbau.ch

The machine was also upgraded with a newly developed equipment with double pulling units mounted over the front shaftof the machine. With this new feature, you can improve the bending results when bending I, H and U profiles the hard way (over X-X axis).

Another huge benefit is that it makes it possible to reach smaller bending radius and with less deformation.

Are you interested to find out more about getting the most out of your existing bending solution or do you want more information about our new machines? Contact us at info@swebend.com.

SweBend – precision bending, simplified

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