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There’s a lot going on at Swebend today,  and naturally we are staying on top of technological progress. For us, this means being able to help our clients find the best solution that meets their needs.

We are seeing a shift towards more customized and high-tech solutions in the industry, not least in robot feeding, to integrate the machines into complete production lines, says Peter. We are constantly moving towards a higher level of technology where we at SweBend are at the forefront. Both in terms of the machines’ hardware as well as the software with our in-house developed CNC systems.

Many of our customers see a need to streamline their production and we are staying on our toes, listening to their needs and challenges. This applies both to production of completely new machines as well as upgrading older existing machines. For example, we have just upgraded another older machine manufactured by Roundo AB, the R-72-S. We upgraded the machine with our advanced CNC system, which allows for communication between the R-72-S and other systems and equipment so that it meets the new requirements and demands, instead of having to be replaced. There is a pride in the sustainability that we at SweBend stand for through upgrades, services and ensuring that the machines can stay in production. There are very few industries that can demonstrate the type of sustainability that we offer.

If we look ahead, we can see challenges that are rooted in the current situation in Ukraine and connected to the lockdown that is taking place in China. We experience this through ever-increasing delivery times and cost increases. These things are difficult to control, but we are doing everything we can to adapt to the situation. Among other things, we have expanded our warehouse further to make sure we have components on hand and on time.

Our work and process is about finding the solution to our customers’ challenges and needs, not just delivering a machine. This means that our business is constantly moving in the direction of becoming a supplier of complete system solutions, an integrator if you will. In other words, we are working towards a holistic concept, where rather than just being a supplier, we are becoming more of a partner for our customers. Trust is not something you get, it is something you earn. These are words we at SweBend stand for by delivering quality and added value for our customers that exceeds their expectations.

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