SB3-360S – The LEGO version

The Section Bending Machine SB3-360S in a fully functional LEGO version! Niels built this spectacular machine operated by phone for Van Rijsoort Buigwerk.

SB3-360S delivered to Van Rijsoort in the Netherlands

SweBend joined the startup of the newly installed SB3-360s from SweBend. The market dominating bending specialists Van Rijsoort in the Netherlands will now continue to conquer with their latest masterpiece installed. A smooth installation and start-up was followed by a UNP350 test-rolled with flawless precision. See the first and second pass in the video below: […]

[Movie] The future of Section Bending (2018)

 Latest news on FacebookInquiry for Section Bending machines Industries demand their section bending machines to perform at increasingly higher level, to handle a broader range of bending operations and to be controlled more easily. Precision bending requires complete control of the whole bending process. The function and control of the support rolls for the […]

SB4B65 & The third industrial revolution – don’t miss out! 

The first industrial revolution (late 18th century) consisted of manual labour switching to mechanical through the implementation of machines, primarily in the textile industry.  The second revolution (early 20th century) started the era of mass production through Henry Ford and his assembly line. The third industrial revolution The third industrial revolution, powered by brilliant computers, […]

News from the SweBend production line

So what’s new on SweBend’s production line? A universal machine, mainly for job-shops and with the highest capabilities in relation to its size; Meet the SB3-300s! Every task has its designated level of difficulty and that’s also correct when the industry’s mid-size formats needs to be bent. The SB3-300S is power, precision and production efficiency packed into […]