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SweBend, one of Sweden’s Fastest Growing Companies 2018

November 27, 2018 0 Comments press-releases

SweBend, one of Sweden’s Fastest Growing Companies 2018

SweBend won the title as the 6th Fastest Growing Company. This is a top position out of the 152 companies which were nominated for the DI Gasell award in the Skåne county of Sweden. At the award ceremony SweBend was represented by; Daniel Leufstedt, Head of the Bending industry’s sharpest CNC software, developed in house at SweBend: SEVEN, Anita Jörgensen, our Chief Financial officer and by Peter Nilsson, the lead engineer who founded SweBend.  

LTR: Daniel Leufstedt, Chief of SEVEN, Anita Jörgensen (CFO), Peter Nilsson (CEO, Managing & Technical Director)

What is DI Gasell?

Since 18 years back the fastest growing companies of Sweden have been recognized and awarded the title Di Gasell (appointed by Sweden’s most Prestige Financial Newspaper: Dagens Industri). Gasell is the Swedish name for Gazelle and signifies velocity and agility. The name was coined by the American researcher David Birch who drew associations between these companies as being the ones who create the most job opportunities in relation to bigger companies which often work with cutting down their organization.  

What is next?

We’ll continue to develop the World’s Strongest Machines (in comparison to machines of the same size). We will Tirelessly Upgrade and Build our Sophisticated, in-house made, CNC system SEVEN. Ultimately, we will proudly continue to supply the World with the most Precise Results in the Bending Industry. How? Through Unmatched material and Bending Know-how and by leveraging our User-focus and Quality thinking to Simplify otherwise Sophisticated and Complex Operations. What are you waiting for? Contact us now! 

SweBend – Precision Bending, Simplified

SweBend DI Gasell Award Paper

SweBend DI Gasell Award Paper


Ask us for any Roundo upgrade, overhaul or spare part

SweBend is headed by Peter Nilsson, who was the former Managing Director and Director of Technical Services at Roundo. The staff at SweBend is composed entirely of former Roundo senior staff members, designers, engineers, technicians and assemblymen. Our services extend to helping you with upgrades, spare parts, service, know-how, besides that – anything that you’d might wish for. Contact us today regarding your Roundo machine and what services we offer!  

SweBend – Precision bending, simplified. 

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