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From Decoiler to Floor: A Blade Forming Machine

We recently built and delivered a blade forming machine that will enhance the production of lawn-mowers. SweBend continues to supply the industry with high precision, top-quality machines. 

Decoiling and Straightening the Easy Way

This machine is tailor engineered for a world leading lawn care company. It is highly precise with user-friendly sophistication.

It starts of with decoiling a specially shaped blade that then enters the first machine unit where it is straightened the “easy” way. A series of rolls, 10 rolls to be precise, have been assigned for this task. This technology is extracted and extrapolated from our straightening machines which prepare steel for high-precision processing (read and learn more about these in our brochure).

Straightening the Hard Way

The next machine in line straightens the blade the “hard” way. This machine have 9 rolls to straighten the blade. With 9 rolls only one passage through the machine is necessary to achieve the precise straighness needed to form the cutting blade.

Bending and Twisting

The blade is then bent to a certain radius and twisted to match the cylinder form of the lawnmower. Our unique bending expertise is put to practice working with very thin material and high accuracy requirements. SweBend has created similar bend and twisting units for the aviation industry which also use thin, lightweight and highly durable material. Read more about these machines. 

Final CNC Quality Control 

To ensure the high quality standards we have integrated a special CNC measuring system that checks the blade before it is cut off. Our unmatched know-how and experience is the foundation when working with clients from multiple industries with high-accuracy production requirements. We either adapt or develop additional functions and features that our clients require or that we suggest based on our long time working in the bending industry.  Read more about our expandable CNC system SEVEN.

SweBend – Bending Tailored for You

We can customize all our models to produce the desired bending result. And with decades of total experience within our design and engineering departments, you can be assured that the results will meet or even exceed your expectations.  Ask us for additional features, tooling and any requirements that you might have or read more about our tailored forming machines.


Be sure to watch the movie of our Blade Forming Machine for Lawn Mower production in action below:


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