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    Section Bending Machines - Angle Rolls


    Become or strengthen your position as a leader in your industry

    Worldwide, industries are upgrading their products with tougher steel and more complex requirements. SweBend is on the bleeding edge with our angle rolls for section bending; developing the technology for the future and pushing the boundaries for industry-leading clients. Our machines power production in all industries: construction, transport & logistics, energy-production, machine production and so on.

    We’re reputed and continously prove to develop and produce the market’s strongest Angle rolls (Section Bending machines) which virtually ELIMINATES flat ends. We’ll make sure that it will be the best return on investment, are you ready to get a quote for yours?

    Future Proof

    Superior Quality

    Lifetime Support

    Unbeatable Precision

    The SB3 Series- 3 roll angle Roll

    The SB3 angle roll series feature guide rolls that follow the main bending rolls. The guide rolls are mechanically adjusted to support the material as it enters the machine and to facilitate the rolling of asymmetric sections like angle iron. Operate your machine with our Bluetooth Bending Control – customized for you. The future is here, the SB3 will ensure your key player position as a multifaceted bending specialist.


    The SB4 Series - 4 roll angle Roll

    The SB4 angle roll series with the SEVEN CNC system is ideal for repetitive series production. The series is powered by our unique hydraulic solution which makes it possible to simultaneously interpolate ALL machines axis. Create optimal result in only one pass with our double pinch bending mechanism. These machines are what “Precision Bending, Simplified” really means.

    Ask us for special rolls and equipment for 3D bending!

    Section Bending

    Advantages of Angle Rolls from SweBend

    Experience maximum drive torque throughout the entire speed range and maximize your efficiency by completing bending jobs in fewer passes.


    Section Bending News

    Automated Plate Roll - Sheet Metal Bender for Truck Production

    Automated Plate Roll – Sheet Metal Bender for Truck Production

    Automated Plate Roll – Sheet Metal Bender for Truck Production SweBend is a proud manufacturer of high-precision bending machines, powerful …

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    Safety rules to follow when using a bending machine

    What is metal bending, why is it important, and how do you do it safely using bending machines? This is the safe metal bending crash course you didn’t know you needed!

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    Angle Bar Spiralling

    Angle Bar, Leg-out Spiralling

    This angle leg out ring forming machine was built for Haltom Industries in Texas. When finished, each piece will be cut and welded into several rings. In the video below we are spiralling mild steel and stainless steel.

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    Bend Rectangular Profiles 3D Bending

    Square & Rectangular Profile 3D Bending [Video]

    Automated, Smooth, Progressive Transitions from Flat to Radius through Advanced Interpolation. 3D Bending of Square and Rectangular Profiles

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    3D Pipe Rolling – SB3H-75 CNC

    Bend and roll Pipes in 3D with Continuous Radii changes, finished in one pass. Faster production speed demand Fewer material passages. Unbeatable quality & Unmatchable Precision.

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    Continuous Push & Turn Bending system w. SB3-85S

    Continuous Push & Turn Bending system w. SB3-85S Create Smooth Bends in 3D with our Continuous Push & Turn Bending …

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    Section Bending Videos

    Section Bending F.A.Q.

    Through Swedish engineering SweBend has proven to be THE best at virtually eliminating flat ends. Our machines produce high enough forces from the bending rolls to reduce the flat ends to a bare minimum. No matter what anyone tells you, in the end, reducing the length of flat ends comes down to raw bending force, and SweBend uses world-renowned Swedish manufacturing standards and unmatched competence to produce the strongest machines with the highest roll power on the market.

    Yes, With our standard range of models as a foundation, we design and produce custom-built and adapted plate rolls for specific customer needs. This can mean producing a machine with a unique roll diameter, special roll length or even a customized shape of the rolls. Request help with integrating the machine in your product line, demand special features and ask for what you think is impossible; we’ll gladly prove you wrong!

    Yes! We’ll upgrade your old machine (with or without CNC) and train your operators in only three days! Contact us today and we will help you further!

    Yes! With a broad range of customers all over the world with many types of plate rolls we developed a revolutionary control unit that can be used to control almost any type of bending machine in the industry! Contact us today and we will help you further!

    Request a Quote

    Let us know more about your bending requirements and we will send you an offer!

    Request a Quote

    Let us know more about your bending requirements and we will send you an offer!

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