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SweBend Highlighted Projects

Swebend Creates Bespoke Horizontal Plate Straightener for Kaukora Oy of Finland

Here at Swebend, we’re uniquely positioned to be able to create plate bending machines for up to 100mm thick plates with virtually any length. We work with our customers on bespoke machine creation depending to any requirements. Take a look at this recent example of a plate bending machine project we undertook for customer Kaukora Oy of Finland.

A Cutting Edge Machine Bending Project:

Kaukora Oy of Finland approached the Swebend team in search of a new machine which would straighten plates from a decoiler, for use in laser cutting. 

The Challenge:

This project was not without its challenges, but it was nothing the experienced and talented Swebend team could not overcome.

Precision is key in any project such as this, so our team were well aware of the importance of ensuring that the dimensions of the machine were 100% correct, throughout the production process. We were also careful to ensure that we had the correct calculations for the cambered rolls on this machine – there was, as always, no margin for error.

The Task:

Our customer gave us the brief of creating a machine which would fit their needs perfectly. The team at Kaukora Oy of Finland were in search of a machine which would be able to straighten plates with a range of 1-4mm thickness and a width of 1500mm, for any length they required.

Kaukora Oy:

Kaukora Oy is the leading equipment manufacturer in Finland’s booming HVAC industry. The company has gone from strength to strength over the past 60 years, producing over 2 million heaters.

The Jäspi VLM 300 model is the most popular domestic water heater in Finland – amazingly it is installed in every second home in the country! Kaukora Oy provides heat pumps, wood heating, hot water heaters and oil heating. The company strives to listen to Finland’s heating needs and is a recognised and trusted partner, installed in many private homes across the nation.

Visit their webpage: https://jaspi.fi/

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