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Services for Bending Machine owners

Owning a Bending machine demands for a lot of attention to maintenance, training and living up to production requirements. For the experienced bender, this is second nature but can become too much when demand is high. We’ve developed and offer these services to face these problems and support bending machine owners (specialists) in their day-to-day business. 

We’ll help you with bending machine servicing, repairs, and maintenance questions to ensure the best bending results and maximum output from your CNC bending machines.

Roundo R8S Overhaul by SweBend

Overhaul & Upgrades

A bending machine overhaul or upgrade is the solution if your workhorse is losing power, precision or is not just living up to the new demands. We’ll consult, design and develop the correct solution for your company – wether it is extending rolls, upgrading the engine or adding more functions (and much more).

Support your team and your production by training them with the best of the best. Let our Bending experts train your team in the art of bending. Enroll in a tailored bending course and get advanced precision bending training.

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