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Personnel Training

Wondering how precision bending training works? Look no further for the Swebend team has you covered! Here at Swebend, we can help you carry out sheet metal bending calculations while also teaching you advanced precision bending techniques.

Our Precision Bending Training

With our precision bending training, tailored to your needs, your operators will learn about how to use and operate our bending machines.

To give you a glimpse into what the training can involve, let us take you through some bending fundamentals.

Familiarisation with the machine and its safe operation.

How to use a bending machine, manual or CNC. 

 The fundamentals of bending and how to think when bending

A big and frequently faced problem in the bending industry is flat ends and low precision. Our advanced precision bending machines – and our training courses – are tailored to meet your needs to prevent flat ends and give you the most optimized production.

Improved Sheet Metal Bending Precision (1)

Improved Sheet Metal Bending Precision

We can educate you and your operators on migrating from analog techniques to our pioneering SEVEN CNC system – in just 3 days. It helps to not only improve bending precision but also reduces the time it takes per bending operation.

Our course can include training in setting up sheet metal bending or pipe rolling calculations that can save you the time and effort that trial-and-error techniques usually take. You will have the confidence to accurately set up and demo the rolling operation, to be confident that you’ll achieve the desired bending radius and precision

Troubleshooting your bending machine

Is your machine giving you problems and you do not know what went wrong? Let us help your bending operation, regardless of whether they are manual or CNC-operated.

Our bending personnel training embodies what we firmly believe in: Precision Bending, Simplified.

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