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The environment aspect of SweBend
- Upgrade your excisting bending machine

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Did you know that SweBend does not only produce new machines, one of our biggest advantages towards our competition is that we offer upgrades and refurbishment of your existing bending machines.

Our competitors often claim that you have to buy a new bending machine to meet your needs, but here at Swebend we can upgrade your existing machine by installing necessary components and/or CNC systems. This of course saves both time and money, but it also spares the environment and it’s very important to us as a company, to take our responsibility regarding these issues. SweBend delivers energy efficient machines and we always refurbish what components we can and recycle everything else. 

One of the many important features of a bending machine from SweBend is the possibility to automatically save energy. When the machine is not in use, you can set a timer on how long the machine should be running before it powers down. This possibility is good in an environmental aspect for multiple reasons. You save energy when the machine isn’t running but you also prolong the machine’s life span.

Through the years, SweBend has developed and refined different features and upgrades to make our machines as energy efficient as possible, and we continuously strive to lead a positive environmental direction within the industry. 

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