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Becoming the most trusted Bending Machines Specialist on the Market, Worldwide

The story of SweBend begins with the development of the new CNC system called SEVEN. This new powerful Bending CNC was combined with an updated Bending and Forming machine platform. A platform with superior solutions, more efficient machine designs and a library of components composed to ensure quality, superior performance and longevity. In the forming of SweBend, Peter Nilsson, the former CEO at Roundo AB, was joined by some of Roundo AB´s best, brightest and most experienced team members. Together they combined their bending machine expertise – and SweBend was born.

Who We Are

Bending Machines Specialist from Sweden, once leading the development at what used to be, before the change of ownership, the world's best bending company.

Our Promise

That you, our client, will always be put first and be appreciated for what you are, our most valuable asset!

Quality and Technology

We develop the latest in Bending and Forming Technology. Our Bending Machine CNC has since 2013 been boosting industries all over the world.

About SweBend

CEO and founder Peter Nilsson decided to work on a new venture and was joined by Roundo AB´s best, brightest and most experienced team members as a change of ownership led to bankruptcy and closing down of the Roundo AB factory.

Now, our sophisticated yet user-friendly machines supply the world’s leading bending companies such as Barnshaws, Danvals, Den Oudsten, Kersten Europe, Sjölund, Van Rijsoort, etc. with perfect bending results which are produced effortlessly yet efficiently. Through innovation, profound quality thinking and unmatched engineering expertise, we take great pride in building machines that have the market’s highest return on investment, a reason why so many loyal clients keep coming back to us to solve their toughest bending problems.

By breaking down our clients’ bending challenges and then explaining to our customers the fundamental theory behind it, we produce modern, powerful and specifically purposed bending machines. The sophisticated functionality of our machines is easily mastered by our clients as we assist them in becoming expert benders.

Located in Sweden, with renowned Swedish quality and a client-focused mindset, our passion for developing high-end bending machines has been recognized by clients all over the world. Through our vast knowledge of bending increasingly challenging materials, we continuously update our machines’ technology with more sensors, better controls and improved software functionality. (Ask us about our renowned CNC system “SEVEN”; we can update old and even analog machines).

Our clients value long term quality investments and choose the path of innovation, unmatched expertise and a powerful worldwide support network consisting of an increasing list of trusted resellers.

We look forward to working with you. Ask us about our section-, plate- and tube bending rolls, CNC systems, flighting, augers and spiraling machines, special rolls and tooling, and more!

Your diversity in machine layout, performance options and tooling has been exceptional
We’ve never experienced this level of flexibility and receptiveness to design requests on equipment like this. The machine performance options, including higher rolling speeds and higher torque, have proven extremely beneficial in our shop by yielding faster production and increased section bending capabilities.
vince-linders linders specialty company minnesota
Vince Linders
President, Linders Specialty Company

Why Choose Bending Technology from SweBend?

Precision Bending is achieved by leaving Nothing to Chance.

We perfect our calculations and tailor all solutions to match our clients exact needs. All material is tailored to meet our customer’s exact requirements which gives the best precision, durability and quality. We only use tested, industry standard and future proof components. Ultimately we ensure the best quality by keeping our production and assembly in-house and applying world-renowned Swedish manufacturing standards.

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