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Tailored Forming Machines

Steel Forming Machine

Cut Production time and Improve margins
- Optimize your Production

The SEVEN CNC system gives you endless possibilities to expand and integrate almost anything into the control sphere of the machine. We specialize in providing integrated solutions to optimize our client’s processes. As with everything we design and develop, YOU are the final voice. Propose and request any desired feature

– we will happily develop it for you!

Choose Speed

Choose Accuracy


Tailored for You!

From Decoiler to Finished Component

Working with a world-famous lawn mower producer, we designed and built a complete system producing precisely bent and curved blades. Coming off a coil, the material is first straightened vertically and then horizontally. The material is then precisely curved and twisted and cut to the correct length, all controlled by the CNC.

Straight, Bend & Cut - All in One

We produce a multi-dimensional straightening machine accompanied by a bending and cutting system. This type of multi-function machine substantially decreases the time and improves the accuracy of production. This combination prepares material from a coil to a ring, ready for welding and continued downstream processing.

“The design restriction most often boils down to what our clients are able to envision. When it comes down to bending, straightening and forming - there’s almost nothing that we’re not able to design, develop and build”
Pontus SweBend
Pontus Hansson
Lead Mechanical Designer

Tailored Forming News

Tailored Forming F.A.Q.

We early on learned that even though our machines improved the production line substantially, there was always bottle necks before or after. We therefor decided to help our clients with this as well, something which have produced many success stories with time drops, accuracy increase and an overall efficiency boost!

Almost any system can be integrated into the sphere of our SEVEN CNC control. Ask us and we’ll find a way!

The benefits are the substantial cuts in time and overhead. Also when more processes are automated, we can calibrate the precision throughout the entire workflow.

Request a Quote

Let us know more about your bending requirements and we will send you an offer!

Request a Quote

Let us know more about your bending requirements and we will send you an offer!

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