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Customised Metal Forming - Flanging Machine w. Punching Unit

Delivered to a customer in Poland, this execution of our Flanging machine is equipped with a punching unit, adaptable to almost any hole size or shape. This sheet metal forming machine follows the theme of SweBend: Precision Bending, Simplified. With two control panels, the adjustment options on this machine are plenty, ranging in speed, pressure and angle. 

Check out the video below!

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Flange it your way - A Highly Customisable machine

Uncertain of your needs? Everything SweBend builds and develops is always customised to our customer. However, with plenty of experience working with expert bending companies and top-of-the line producers, we know that all scenarios cannot always be accounted for. Which is why we make our machines highly customisable – by you.

Adjust hole shape and size

The tooling of the punching unit is of course interchangeable. Different customers, projects and products requires an extensive set of of tooling. We solve this in an easy way. Ask us for more info on this! 

Interchangeable Forming Rolls

The forming rolls on this flanging roll can be changed to create specific shapes or patterns in the flange. Changing the height of the rolls increase the flange width as the height dictates the maximum flange width.


Adjust the hole pattern

Easily set the distance between the holes as well as a more specific pattern with our easy controls.

Upgradable to Full Automation

Is your production automated, optimised and highly efficient? Fit this flanging machine straight into your production line! Through either PLC or our praised CNC system SEVEN this machine integrates with your other machines easily. 


The Flanging & Punching Machine Video:

Flanging & Punching Machine Specification:

Specifications: (In standard range and depending on model)

– Plate Thickness: 1 to 15 mm

– For Cylinder Diameters 250 up to 5000 mm

– Flange Dimensions from 15 up to 120 mm

– Variable Speed for Rotation

– Variable Forming Pressure

– Variable Forming Speed

– Standard hole patterns as well as customer specific

– Hydraulic punching unit with possibility for any hole dimension or shape

– Possibility to have fully automated process via PLC or CNC


This machine was sold and delivered by our reseller Pol-Sver in Poland

Author: SweBend Team
Comprised of Expert Bending Engineers and Personel with over 250 years of combined bending experience, the SweBend Team is primed to handle the most advanced and technically demanding bending challenges.

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