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Precision Bending, Simplified. The most developed Intelligent Algorithm System (Born 2013) powered by our nearly limitless SEVEN CNC system. We’ve prepared for the Fourth Industrial Evolution, have you?

  • Create anything with Powerful Applications
  • Minimize downtime with Online Support
  • Communicate with other Machines
  • Simulate, Analyze and Optimize Everything!

Benefits of a real CNC 

Considering an upgrade? The half PLC/CNC systems on the market will not provide you with the necessary applications and features that is necessary to compete in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Precise Simulations
Simultaneously Controlled Axis (up to)
Core Applications
Operations Time Reduction
Reduction of Material Flaw Variable
Days from
Analog to CNC
Additional Functions

- From Analog To CNC in Three Days -

First day

First Day

The machine’s functions are tested and verified. data from the old systems read out if possible. The cabinet is then rebuilt and the control panel swapped to the new one.

Second day

Second Day

The software is tuned to get the optimal result out of the machine,both in speed and accuracy. meanwhile, the operators are trained in programming the software

Third day

Third Day

Training continues and is finally finished with the operators being assisted in writing some of the old programs into SEVEN.

Often the mechanics of a machine will outlast the electrics many times over. On that premise an old CNC is not equipped to handle today’s demands, both in production rate and precision. We therefore created a graphic CNC system that can be retrofitted onto old machines, is easy to use and creates professional results.”

Peter Nilsson, CEO SweBend

Bluetooth Control Unit

Customized for you!

Control your machine’s functions from anywhere in the room. The Bluetooth protocol handles 24 digital signals (directional signals), 2 analog signals and 4 position signals (digital readouts). Thanks to the control unit’s high adaptability it can control almost any type of bending machine in the industry.
Customized for you – you’re the final voice,
(SweBend will set up the control according to your wishes!)

Digital Signals
Analog Signals
Digital Readout Displays
Range (meters)

Watch the video about SEVEN

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SEVEN's Top Applications

Increased material demands and tighter tolerances make bending more difficult. This increased difficulty calls for increased simplicity. Don’t let the new exacting requirements constrain your production and creativity.  Meet SEVEN, the most powerful CNC system with an intuitive, graphical interface

– it’s the pure result of Precision Bending, Simplified


The SEVEN CNC Control Is Available In Several Versions Depending On Your Specific Requirements. Choose From CPUs With Differing Processing Speeds, Touch Screen Mm Monitors From 6.5. 19., Enhanced Software Features And The Number Of CNC-Controlled Axes. 

All SEVEN CNC Controls Feature Components From Beckhoff Of Germany Ensuring Top Quality And A Stable Hardware Platform For Years To Come, And All Systems Come With Online Support Via Team Viewer To Assist You With Programming Questions And Troubleshooting Any Issues With The Machine 

In Addition. The SEVEN CNC Control Can Be Adapted To Integrate Your Auxiliary Equipment, Such As Robots, Material Handling Equipment, Etc. 

Learn more about SweBend Controls

The SEVEN system is designed with YOU in mind. Using standard components and decades of experience to bring you the best system for your machines.

Yes, almost any analog bending machine can be upgraded. Contact us today for an estimation and quote! 

Yes! The SEVEN CNC control can be adapted to integrate your auxiliary equipment, such as robots, material handling equipment, etc.

​Yes! The SEVEN CNC system is available in more than 30 Languages!


Yes! With a broad range of customers all over the world with many types of bending machines we developed a revolutionary control unit that can be used to control almost any type of bending machine in the industry! Contact us today and we will help you further!

Request a Quote

Let us know more about your bending requirements and we will send you an offer!

Request a Quote

Let us know more about your bending requirements and we will send you an offer!

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