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SweBend offers a large range of rolls & tooling for all sizes and types of section, plate and forming machines. This includes for example standard tooling sets, rolls for pipes, tubing, flat bar spiralling, aluminum sections, angle bar spiralling and much more.

Upgrade your machine!

Equip your machine with the rolls & tooling necessary to handle today’s and the future’s demands, both in production rate and precision. We will help you with what parts can be upgraded to make the most impact in your production!

Spare Parts

The staff at SweBend are here to assist you with upgrades, spare parts, tooling, service, know-how and anything that You might wish for.

Prepare for wear and tear

Even for the very best of machines, things can happen and you may need spare parts urgently. This could be an oil filter, a joystick, a push button, an encoder or a hydraulic valve, but regardless which part it is, do not hesitate to ask us for a quote. Be assured we will always do our utmost to get you the replacement part in the shortest possible time.

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Yes we can, provided we have enough dimensional information to do so. Typically we need shaft+key dimension and outside roll diameter. For special profile rolls we then also need a drawing for the section/profile to offer the rolls for.

Yes, see the answer to the question above

To get maximum performance from your machines, it is important to keep them in good shape. Let us perform your next service, and at the same time check the overall machine condition for you.
We also offer full overhauling jobs, modifications and upgrades on old machines. This includes mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and CNC controls.

Bluetooth and CNC

Request a Quote

Let us know more about your bending requirements and we will send you an offer!

Request a Quote

Let us know more about your bending requirements and we will send you an offer!

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