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SweBend machine ABL
ABL is a Swedish company, founded in 1960. They are known for their investment in product development and high performance equipment. ABL have been a member of SSABs quality program, Hardox® In My Body, since 2012.
Hardox® 500 Tuf was newly launched as a high efficient steel with up to 40% longer life time. ABL are now in the process of transferring to this steel for all of their buckets and have invested in a new high efficient bending machine from SweBend. The SweBend PB4X-18-10 CNC have unique features and capabilities, not only in bending power and drive torque, but also in terms of geometry and functionality, making it the most advanced plate bending machine in the World.
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SweBend CNC Seven series ABL SSAB
Precision bending SweBend ABL SSAB

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