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Meet Peter Nilsson - CEO of SweBend

For 25 years Peter worked at the Swedish company Roundo AB, but when that as a result of change in ownership went bankrupt in 2013, Peter decided to take over the combined bending machine expertise of more than 250 years to work on a new platform. SweBend was born!  

– Why? I love and value performance. New technology leads to higher revenue for our clients. SweBend is a cutting edge company that never leaves anything to chance. My, and SweBend’s mission, is to break down our clients’ bending challenges and tailor modern, powerful and specifically purposed bending machines, Peter Nilsson explains.


SweBend, as we know it today, was founded in Hässleholm in 2013. SweBend’s team of employees has a combined 250 years of experience designing, engineering and constructing Bending Machines.

– Since 2013 we have designed and delivered bending and forming machines all over the world to companies such as Volvo, GE, John Deere, SAPA, Alfa-Laval, Daimler, Kenworth and ESCO. Our philosophy is that every machine we build should become a cornerstone in our clients’ production, being tailored to their current needs and ready to be upgraded for their future requirements. 

SweBend can proudly state that many of their customers come back for additional machines, as well as upgrades for their machine controls, plus overhauls of their existing machines.

– Why then, do they come back?  Well, first of all because we produce high-quality machines that lead to higher revenue for our clients. But it is also a mindset. I am sure we have the market’s most satisfied bending machine owners; since we work closely with our clients to ensure their success. Their success is our success! And with our huge know-how we are ready to take on any challenge! 

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