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The Crocodile bending machine

We are proud to have developed, together with our customer Sturm in Daaden, a special section bending machine, according to customer requirements, paired with technically mature features as well as components and assemblies from SweBend.

The Sturm Metallbearbeitung GmbH & Co. KG in Daaden, Germany / www.sturm-Profile.de / has about 50 years of experience in bending sectional steel. The bending of profiles, tubes and square as well as round steel in unalloyed and alloyed materials with bending resistances (section modulus) of up to 10,000 cm3 are part of the company’s everyday standard.

The new section bending machine, nicknamed Crocodile, will now be used daily in the production at Sturm Metallbearbeitung GmbH in Germany.


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