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The future of Section Bending (2018)

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Industries demand their section bending machines to perform at increasingly higher level, to handle a broader range of bending operations and to be controlled more easily.

Precision bending requires complete control of the whole bending process. The function and control of the support rolls for the section bending machines are becoming increasingly important as a result of tighter radiis and less material deflection due to steeper tolerances.

For clients, simplification of the bending process is KEY to produce precise results repeatedly.

Simplification is made possible by sophisticated controls that allow for movement around the machine and precise control of the machine’s every function.

Precision bending is made possible by robustly dimensioned machines with quality components. Decades of experience, testing and development is what’s necessary to build machines with the highest bending precision on the market.



What is SEVEN?

Available in several versions, featuring components from industry leading Beckhoff of Germany and powering the production of world class companies such as Volvo and John Deere, SEVEN is the innovative, adaptive CNC system of the future. (To power the whole industry, we’ll update old and even analog machines, in only three days) No two bending applications are the same. Many factors, including material size and thickness, mechanical properties, spring back, diameter, etc. can influence the bending requirements necessary to roll an acceptable part. With the SweBend “Seven” CNC control, take the guess work out of your rolling operation. The powerful operating environment can easily accommodate minor variations that are commonly found in all materials, which gives you the ultimate control over the entire rolling process.

Who are SweBend?

Following a change of ownership at the company and the ensuing bankruptcy and closing of the Roundo factory in Sweden (Once considered the worlds best bending machine manufacturer), Roundo’s best, brightest and most experienced team members decided to work on a new venture, they combined their bending machine expertise – and SweBend was born. Located in Sweden, with renowned Swedish quality and a client-focused mindset, our passion for developing high-end bending machines has been recognized by clients all over the world. Through our vast knowledge of bending increasingly challenging materials, we continuously update our machines’ technology with more sensors, better controls and improved software functionality.

SweBend – The strongest, most sophisticated and most reliable bending machines on the market, worldwide.

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Author: SweBend Team
Comprised of Expert Bending Engineers and Personel with over 250 years of combined bending experience, the SweBend Team is primed to handle the most advanced and technically demanding bending challenges.

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