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The Vsb3 Testbending a H-profile


This is a SweBend Vertical Section Bending machine designed and manufactured by us. The video demonstrates the testbending of a H-profile. From 400 to 3200mm .

 Some of the new technologies on the new VSB series:
  • The machine features variable center distance between the two lower bending axes.
  • The pulling unit for rolling beams on X-X axis is an integral part of the central bending roll console.
  • By virtue of an ingenious system, the shafts of all three axes are easily interchangeable, which is a huge advantage if the customer already has their own tooling, since they can also be used on the new machine.
  • The bending roll shafts are supported at the top, but still have the possibility for rapid tooling adjustment, which was not possible before. We have finally solved one of the biggest problems that the bending industry has grappled with for decades.
  • The massively proportioned guide rolls are integrated with the housings for the lower roll shafts and thus always optimally positioned during bending. This minimizes the “scrap”, offering huge savings over the long run.
  • Operator-friendly portable wireless control unit (BlueTooth) for all functions, including digital readouts.

For specifications and technical data regarding this machine, don’t hesitate to contact us. www.swebend.com info@swebend.com

And as always, keep checking in for more info, news and updates!

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Author: SweBend Team
Comprised of Expert Bending Engineers and Personel with over 250 years of combined bending experience, the SweBend Team is primed to handle the most advanced and technically demanding bending challenges.

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