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The Strongest Plate Roll to date

Plate Rolling Machines for sheet metal are increasing in size every year. To meet the new demands of the Asian market, SweBend has designed and built a 3 roll plate bending machine, controlled by our applauded Bluetooth Control. The beast will deliver 1700 ton in prebending force and has a rolling capacity of 4050x105mm (160×4″). 

Plate Thickness up to 150mm (6") - Cold!

Don't just keep your production competitive - get ahead!

Forming metal is a tough job and require even tougher machines. SweBend machines are the definition of power and quality combined. Our machines are by benders and for benders. We think and design every piece, from the foundation to every single detail. This is the reason you’ll be amazed by the swift and precise response from our Bluetooth Control, how smooth the hydraulics of the machine operate and how power can be delivered by the machine, at any time.

Since our work of upgrading the old Bending Industry began, we have completed numerous machine overhauls where clients were amazed at how smooth and precise their bending machine actually could be.

"The technology is advancing at an ever increasing rate. We combine the best components that the market has to offer with a sturdy, well dimensioned machine frame that can withstand tremendous power. We advice anyone who is looking to buy a bending machine to look at the fundamentals of the machine - how strong is the frame, is the steel of high quality, what components are used.
peter nilsson ceo SweBend
Peter Nilsson
Ceo & Founder
Plate Rolls with Roll Lengths Up to 8 meter (26')

We have the Bending Industry's most Satisfied Customers

Plate rolling Machine PB3 36 SweBend - Web
Rolling Capacity: 4050x105mm

This Plate roll is a work of art through combined effort, expertise and passion.

We thank Beckhoff for the outstanding electronics, PMC Hydraulics for the remarkable hydraulics, SKF for the long-lasting bearings and  Dirostahl for the unmatched strength of the bending rolls. 

The combined quality, power and precision is what makes this machine remarkably great . All of our machines have the same thought and expertise put into them, which is why we have the bending industry’s most satisfied customers. 

By Benders, For Benders

SweBend is comprised by an in-house team of bending experts, top support and service personel – all driven by passion and the love of quality. Our worldwide network have all also been operating several decades in the bending industry, which is you’ll be met by a big smile and unmatched expertise of the art of Bending.    

Why SweBend?

Our Machines are Bigger, Stronger, More Efficient and have a Higher level of Perfection.
This is why more companies trust SweBend Bending Rolls. Don’t just settle for any Plate or Angle roll

– Demand More, Demand SweBend 


Unsure of how much Power you’ll need? We will optimize the execution and dimension all parameters  according to your your bending requirements!

Available Prebending Force: 1700 ton

Author: SweBend Team
Comprised of Expert Bending Engineers and Personel with over 250 years of combined bending experience, the SweBend Team is primed to handle the most advanced and technically demanding bending challenges.

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