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Plate Roll Brochure

Learn more about our machine sizes, features, options etc through our brochure below. Download our 2019 Section Bending Brochure!

Flights, Augers & Spiralling


Fine-tuned Pitches, Angles and Radii

Based on traditional bending technique SweBend offers a unique know-how in the field of spiralling. Experience spiralling of flat bar, pipe and angle or from flat bar to spiral in one pass. Consult us for specialty machines for flights, augers and conveyors today!  

  • Tailored to Your Material
  • Great Pitch Range
  • Bend Screw, Conveyors and Spirals ready for Welding
  • Perfected Precision

From Flat bar to Spiral in One Pass

With perfect precision our machines complete the spiralling process in only one pass. Eliminate incorrect pitches and variable inner diameters. 

The formula for the smallest inner diameter

The minimum possible inside diameter depends on several parameters such as flat bar dimension, what type of material is to be spiralled and the pitch required.

Precision Bending - Control Everything with the Bluetooth Control

Freedom and Power to the Operator. Experience Precision Bending with infinitely variable roll speed and position adjustments, calibrate with backup from precise data and adjust the pitch from anywhere.

One Pass Operation

Complete the spiralling process in only one pass

Spiralling - Precise & Simple

Based on traditional bending technique SweBend offers a unique know-how in the field of spiralling

Tailored for you

As with all of our machines, we make sure that the drive, the rolls, the controls - everything perfect for you

Custom Solutions

Got a special request? An unusual operation? A custom profile? Contact us!

Fligts, Augers & Spiralling News

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The smallest spiralling machine we’ve built to date is the SB3-35 (link). To spiral such small material and obtain the inner diameter required we developed a new pitch adjustment tool. This tool is specially purposed for small input material, ask us today if we can fulfill your request!

Send us a mail with your request and we will carefully consider it!

Definitely! Our SEVEN CNC system was made for automation, integration of processes and for connecting with your other machines. Send us a request today and we’ll help you optimize your production

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