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SB3 360s

SB3-360S delivered to Van Rijsoort in the Netherlands

The market dominating bending specialists Van Rijsoort in the Netherlands will continue to conquer with their latest masterpiece, The Section Bending Machine SB3-360S. A smooth installation and start-up was followed by a UNP350 test-rolled with flawless precision. 

Was there a challenging aspect with designing and developing this bending machine? Not really – for us this is a standard machine but with “extra –all” options and features.

Why did the Client choose SweBend? Because SweBend design and produce the strongest and most versatile machine on the market and on top of that is always willing to add all the extra-specials demands!

What is the unique strength of this Section Bending machine? Everything! From the frame itself down to the smallest detail. The entire machine is designed and developed with a purpose 

Any interesting/powerful features? One is the extreme drive torque to allow them roll large diameter pipes to small radius. Another is the ingenious solution for bending channel (U-beams) 


Doubling the Bending Capacity

(The text below contain snippets from Van Rijsoort’s own article about this machine. Read the full article.)

Van Rijsoort Bending doubled their capacity by purchasing a new section bending machine. The machine is the strongest of its kind which enables them to bend even bigger and heavier materials than ever before.

More capacity, possibilities and power – The Strongest of its kind

The new machine bends tubes and sections of steel, stainless steel and aluminium in almost every radius, shape and size. It’s nickname, “The ‘Hulk’ is pushing Van Rijsoort’s production boundaries considerably. It offers more capacity and more possibilities because it can bend more extreme shapes. This machine is the strongest of its kind in Europe. 

More requests for larger projects

So why did Van Rijsoort purchase a bigger machine? “We are specialists in bending tubes and sections for a very wide variety of markets and applications for over 100 years now. We see the demand for bending heavier and bigger materials growing every day in markets such as construction, offshore, machine builders, food- and piping industry and installation companies. 

The SB3 360S Capacities:

  • Rated capacity: 6500 cm3 (400 in3)
  • Beam rolling up to HEB600 (W24x146)
  • Beam cambering up to H800 (W32)
  • Pipe rolling up to 508 mm (20″)
Watch this short movie for the SB3-360S Section Bending machine:

About Van Rijsoort Buigwerk

Van Rijsoort Buigwerk was founded in 1903 and has developed in over a century into a specialist in the bending of tube and sections.

The great variation in tube diameters, sections, metals and product shapes means that we can be of service to you with almost any bent product. And certainly if you add the extra possibilities here, including sawing to size, welding, drilling, milling, galvanising and powder-coating.

Thanks to well-trained personnel, modern machinery and a progressive innovation department, Van Rijsoort Buigwerk has belonged to the top of its trade for decades.

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