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Upgrading Old CNC to SEVEN

What was the main reason for the upgrade of the Bending CNC? Their current CNC was “out of date”. The old Roundo control could no longer be supported due to obsolete components. Also the HMI was too old and did not support the operator (-s) to produce new programs in an efficient way.
Was there a challenging aspect with upgrading this Section Bending Machine? No not really – this is our backyard since we have originally designed and built the machines as well as the control (when many of us worked at Roundo AB)
Why did RoFo choose to work with SweBend? Because of our know-how and experience with the machine and the control. Also the new SEVEN CNC impressed them for how easy it was to understand and use.
Did you add any interesting/powerful features? As per operator request we added a special Teach-In functionality to allow them to store and edit functions and steps while teaching the machine.

A Video of the SweBend SEVEN CNC system

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