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Through the years, SweBend has developed and refined different features and upgrades to make our machines as energy efficient as possible, and we continuously strive to lead a positive environmental direction within the industry.

Automated Plate Roll – Sheet Metal Bender for Truck Production

Automated Plate Roll - Sheet Metal Bender for Truck Production

Automated Plate Roll – Sheet Metal Bender for Truck Production SweBend is a proud manufacturer of high-precision bending machines, powerful and easy to use for any job. Our clients are the most satisfied bending machine owners and, thanks to this sheet metal bender for truck production, our trucking clients feel the same way.  The PB4-6-7 […]

Angle Bar, Leg-out Spiralling

Angle Bar Spiralling

This angle leg out ring forming machine was built for Haltom Industries in Texas. When finished, each piece will be cut and welded into several rings. In the video below we are spiralling mild steel and stainless steel.

3D Pipe Rolling – SB3H-75 CNC


Bend and roll Pipes in 3D with Continuous Radii changes, finished in one pass. Faster production speed demand Fewer material passages. Unbeatable quality & Unmatchable Precision.

Project: SB3-360S for Van Rijsoort

SB3 360s

SweBend Highlighted Projects SB3-360S delivered to Van Rijsoort in the Netherlands The market dominating bending specialists Van Rijsoort in the Netherlands will continue to conquer with their latest masterpiece, The Section Bending Machine SB3-360S. A smooth installation and start-up was followed by a UNP350 test-rolled with flawless precision.  Was there a challenging aspect with designing […]

Project – SB4-65s with Twisting unit for Advanced 3D Bending

SweBend Highlighted Projects SB4-65S with Twisting Unit for Advanced 3D Bending Yet another successful machine design by SweBend – this time for Aerospace Industry with toughest demands on precision bending in 3D. Our unique CNC system SEVEN GOLD allows complete control even for the most advanced bending. Was there a challenging aspect with designing and […]

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