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SweBend SB3B 75

The Crocodile bending machine

Meet Peter Nilsson – CEO of SweBend

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At SweBend

SweBend SB3B 75

A standard SB3B-75 upgraded with PLC system and speed controls produce spirals from flat bar lengths.

At SweBend

The Crocodile bending machine

We are proud to have developed, together with our customer Sturm in Daaden, a special section bending machine.

At SweBend

Meet Peter Nilsson – CEO of SweBend

“We can do almost anything! Understanding our customers’ needs with 250 years of experience in designing, engineering and constructing Bending Machines, means we know how to ensure success for our customers”, Peter Nilsson CEO of SweBend states.

Automated Plate Roll - Sheet Metal Bender for Truck Production
Bending How-to

Automated Plate Roll – Sheet Metal Bender for Truck Production

Automated Plate Roll – Sheet Metal Bender for Truck Production SweBend is a proud manufacturer of high-precision bending machines, powerful and easy to use for any job. Our clients are …

Bending How-to

The core principles of forming or bending metal

From the basic principles and classification to the applications and advantages of metal and sheet metal forming, this quick read has it all!

Bending How-to

Safety rules to follow when using a bending machine

What is metal bending, why is it important, and how do you do it safely using bending machines? This is the safe metal bending crash course you didn’t know you needed!

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