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Automated Plate Roll – Sheet Metal Bender for Truck Production

The core principles of forming or bending metal

Safety rules to follow when using a bending machine

Angle Bar, Leg-out Spiralling

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Bending How-to

The core principles of forming or bending metal

From the basic principles and classification to the applications and advantages of metal and sheet metal forming, this quick read has it all!

Bending How-to

Safety rules to follow when using a bending machine

What is metal bending, why is it important, and how do you do it safely using bending machines? This is the safe metal bending crash course you didn’t know you needed!

Angle Bar Spiralling
Section Bending

Angle Bar, Leg-out Spiralling

This angle leg out ring forming machine was built for Haltom Industries in Texas. When finished, each piece will be cut and welded into several rings. In the video below we are spiralling mild steel and stainless steel.

SweBen Reinforced Plateroll
Plate Bending

Special – Reinforced Plate Roll

This CNC Plate Bending Roll was specially designed for a customer that needed to roll a wide range of material to a very tight radius. The top roll and the side bending rolls have added reinforcements to help support the extra forces.

Plate Bending

Video: Fanmade Sheet Metal Bender (Plate roll)

Fanmade Sheet Metal Bender (Plate roll) A SweBend fan contacted us and wanted to learn more about a creating a Sheet Metal Bender (Plate Roll) for his next build. Check …

Plate Roll Bending Machine by SweBend PB3 36
Plate Bending

The Strongest Plate Roll to date

A 3 roll plate bending machine, controlled by our Bluetooth Control. 1700 ton in prebending force w. a rolling capacity of 4050x105mm (160×4″).

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